Semantische Fetzen (2021)

Bernhard Lauxmann: Bis die semantischen Fetzen fliegen!

Aus­ein­an­der­set­zun­gen ums Christ­sein in spät­mo­der­nen Are­nen christ­lich-reli­giö­ser Debat­ten­kul­tur wie gute​fra​ge​.net, You­Tube und Co, in: U. Heil/A. Schel­len­berg (Hrsg.): Theo­lo­gie als Streit­kul­tur (WJTh 13). Göt­tin­gen: Vien­na Uni­ver­si­ty Press / Van­den­hoeck & Ruprecht uni­press, 2021, 197–236.

The con­cept of »being a Chris­ti­an« has lost cla­ri­ty and self-evi­dence over­all. The­re are inten­se dis­pu­tes about it. Even today, many con­tra­dic­to­ry inter­pre­ta­ti­ons are pro­du­ced online and off­line. After pro­bing this late-modern field of deba­te, the pro­blem is exami­ned in terms of the socio­lo­gy of reli­gi­on and cul­tu­re and ana­ly­zed in more detail by using a con­cre­te indi­vi­du­al phe­no­me­non (a video by Jana High­hol­der). The results make it clear that Prac­ti­cal Theo­lo­gy must take up the chall­enge of sup­port­ing peo­p­le who want to find out more about their own way of being a Chris­ti­an becau­se they are stri­ving for cla­ri­ty.